The 2013 Course Guide has been designed to provide you with information about options for your Years 11 and 12 studies including information on VET and TQA subjects as well as School-based Apprenticeships.

Years 11 and 12 are important steps in your learning. The overwhelming majority of jobs require a year 12 or equivalent qualification. It is important for you and for Tasmania that you continue your education.

As you consider study options for Years 11 and 12, you will notice that the subject and program offerings available to you are more extensive than those at High School.

With so many options at hand, it can sometimes be a little daunting to choose one area of study over another, so I encourage you to speak with family, friends, teachers and pathway planners to discuss the full range of options you're considering.

While discussing your study options, it's worthwhile reflecting on your personal learning style. Do you like academic study, applied learning or learning on the job? It's good to understand how you like to learn, this will help you select subjects and courses that are best suited to you.

I wish you well as you prepare for your Years 11 and 12.

Colin Pettit